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Jay Leshark and Friends

and Russell Podcast

Latest Episode

In Episode 128 Jay Leshark and Russell talk to the FABULOUS Sue Ultmann. Australian Sue arrived in Phuket over 20 years ago, initially to retire and play golf, and 20-plus years later she is still working and being awesome. From working in the media in Australia to living in Samui, Philippines, and Bangkok, Sue made Phuket her home. Sue is one of the good ones, she is beautiful on the inside and on the outside, and her journey to Phuket and her journey while in Phuket is just awesome. This chat was truly one of the best we have had. We love Sue.

Oh and just to let you know today's show is sponsored by Lambert Brothers Insurance Brokers, and they offer a multitude of different insurances including health and business insurance, but more about them later in the show. Right now it's all about the awesome Sue.


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   The Show

Jay Leshark and Russell, are two of the greatest Radio and Podcast presenters on the planet, and have been for decades - or at least, so they say.


Their mission is simple, and effective - to save the Global Airwaves by launching the Jay Leshark and Friends and Russell Podcast.

Hosting guests from a variety of backgrounds, Jay and Russell take a light, fun, and amiable approach to the interviews to find the one thing that binds this disparate group together - What brought you here to Phuket?

It's an unscripted take on the lives of people, you really don’t know, and probably never will - buts its still hugely entertaining fun…

The show is produced by Shark 13 Productions. 



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