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Ep.139 The Amazing Helene from 4 Minutes 4 Minds

In Episode 139 Jay Leshark and Russell, talk to the amazing Dr. Helene Laurent-Oliver a Clinical Psychologist, and by God do we need one. Half Saint Lucian half French Helene only arrived in Phuket a year and a half ago, and Phuket is lucky to have someone like Dr. Helene. Having grown up in the UK and Belgium Helene studied Clinical Psychologist at Durham and then a masters at Oxford. Yes, that Oxford. Helene is someone that Phuket needs, helping kids and adults who have mental health issues or just need someone to talk to. She is super smart, and super nice and this was an awesome chat. Helene is really amazing and I have a huge amount of respect for someone working in this field, and she is just an all-around super cool person.

Just on a side, but VERY important note. If you are suffering with any mental health issues, worried about life, feeling down, depressed or just feel overwhelmed or anxious then please reach out to someone. There are many of us out there that need to talk, and with professionals like Helene out there, you have a person who you can talk to, that will understand, listen and is there to help. Its not a bad thing to ask for help, and yes it’s easy for people like me to say it and I do 100% understand, trust me I do I have been there, in fact I am there every day so I know how you feel, but do it, talk to someone.

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