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Episode 71 Owner of Sumalee Boxing Gym Lynne Miller

In Episode 71 Jay Leshark and Russell talk to the owner of Sumalee Boxing Gym Lynn Miller. Originally from Wales in the UK, Lynne moved to Phuket 12 years ago. She talks about her journey to Phuket and her journey in Phuket working in the very male-dominated sport and business of Muay Thai. Lynn is one amazing lady, strong and resilient, smart and kind, and will not take any nonsense (clean way to say BS) from anyone.

The book called Fighting for Success and other content can be accessed by subscribing to the online platform: Like Sumalee on Facebook – Like Sumalee Yoga on Facebook - Check out Sumalee’s website -

Jay and Russell are long-time friends and entertainers in Phuket. Follow them at Or on the twitter at @Phuketpodcast or on Instagram at @phuketpodcast Email them at

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